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ReNuke Staff


Ian Howard – President

Ian grew up in southeastern Michigan and graduated from the University of Maryland with a BS in Business Management and Finance and spent 6 years in the U.S. Naval Nuclear Propulsion program. Since leaving the Navy in 1980, Ian has held technical and senior leadership positions in operations and business development with Kellogg, Brown & Root, Consumers Power Company, and Duratek. At Duratek, among many diverse assignments, he led the transition for the acquisition of Scientific Ecology Group (SEG) in 1997 and later as Vice President led the Commercial Services Group.

Ian has known John Coffman since 2000 and joined DeNuke Services in May 2006 to develop its commercial nuclear division, now ReNuke Services, a separate, stand-alone corporation. On December 31, 2012, DeNuke spun off ReNuke as an independent company and Ian purchased half of the business. During his 40 year plus nuclear career Ian has managed over 60 projects and operations employing as many as 500 and generating as much as $90 million in revenue per year. He is currently responsible for general management of the business including all corporate business functions, contracts, and accounting. Ian also is the senior executive in charge of the company’s long-term relationship with GE Nuclear (GE Hitachi) which launched ReNuke.



Mark Kirshe – Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer

In July 2014, Mark joined ReNuke as an owner and Chief Marketing Officer. His long and substantial career includes developing not only clients but technical solutions to those clients’ challenges. Mark holds both BS and MS  degrees  in business and marketing and is a co-patent holder on a first-of-a-kind radioactive waste water treatment process. He has held business operations, business development, and executive level positions with Chem-Nuclear Systems, Duratek, Inc., Energy Solutions, and Environmental Chemical Corporation (ECC). Mark and Ian first worked together twenty years ago on a joint venture project between Chem-Nuclear Systems and Duratek, Inc. to treat spent power plant resin.

Rich Werdann – General Manager of Projects

Rich first joined ReNuke in 2013 and served as site engineering manager for a major nuclear utility, a shutdown project manager for a reactor OEM facility, and as project director for a one-of-a-kind university nuclear reactor project. He holds a BS in Nuclear Engineering and has been a certified project manager since 2005. Rich has known our Recruiting Manager, Sharon Fennell for several years and has served the commercial nuclear power industry in technical, commercial, and senior site leadership capacities for over 35 years. His areas of expertise are project management, outage management, operations, emergency preparedness and supply chain management. He is a certified Senior Reactor Operator and Shift Technical Advisor on both pressurized water reactors and boiling water reactors.


John Coffman – Senior Consultant/Board of Directors

John was raised in New Mexico and graduated from Colorado State University in 1976 with an MS in Health Physics and was certified by the American Board of Health Physics in 1980. John met Ian Howard during the acquisition of Waste Management Federal Services by Duratek in 2000. They both served on the senior management team of the combined entity post-closing.

John managed health physics operations at Rocky Flats, trained first responders at the Nevada Test Site, and supervised over 350 health physicists during the 18 year cleanup of 13 uranium mill tailings sites – the UMTRA Project. John has managed first of a kind projects including the Melton Valley TRU Project, response to hurricanes Katrina, Rita, and Wilma, and the 3 Building D&D Project in Oak Ridge.


Scott Kepler – Decommissioning/Construction Manager

Scott has over 40 years of commercial and government nuclear industry experience. Scott was raised in Western Pennsylvania and graduated from the US Merchant Marine Academy. Following graduation, he performed in ever increasing responsibility roles during the erection of several BWR reactor Internals installations with the General Electric Company and Reactor Controls eventually being appointed the first Project Director in GE’s Nuclear Services Organization and subsequently assigned as the Manager of all nuclear projects in the GE fleet.

Scott joined Quadrex Corporation as their Manager of Projects and successfully completed the decommissioning of a one million square foot thorium contaminated facility as well as multiple projects within the diverse business units. Scott later joined Duratek as a senior leader where he was responsible for all radioactive metal waste processing. Scott and Ian first met and worked together during this period when Scott was directly responsibility for making the business unit profitable as well as significantly improving the safety performance of the facilities. Scott has been assigned as Engineering Project Manager for a major utility in the pursuit of a first of a kind nuclear power plant repair, managing GE Hitachi major modifications business, Site representative for engineering services at a three unit nuclear site and most recently, Program manager for GEH’s decommissioning services. Scott lives in Knoxville, TN and enjoys his summers on the lake and working on improving his golf game.


Jerry Bergeron – Transportation Manager

Jerry has more than 38 years of commercial and government nuclear industry experience and is a certified Advanced Waste Shipper. Over the course of his military, commercial, and DOE tenure, he has made over 500 LLRW and SNM shipments, including spent fuel from a commercial nuclear power plant. Jerry joined ReNuke in 2012 to lead a legacy waste packaging and shipping campaign for GE-Hitachi at their Wilmington and Vallecitos locations. He subsequently assumed the role of Radiological and Safety Supervisor for the overall decontamination and dismantlement contract with GE-Hitachi.

Jerry is currently part of the project team readying the defueling and move of a university research reactor from one campus location to another. His career began in the Navy Nuclear Propulsion Program where he was a qualified reactor operator and engineering laboratory technician. One of Jerry’s passions is umpiring amateur softball throughout the southeastern U.S.

Sharon Fennell – Staffing Manager and SE Sales Manager

Sharon grew up in northern Virginia. Joining ReNuke in July of 2009, Sharon is a seasoned recruiter in the nuclear power industry however her recruiting background includes over 25 years building a proven track record in fossil, aircraft / aerospace, pharmaceutical, chemical / petrochemical sectors as well. Sharon has leadership responsibilities for all staffing operations. For over seven years Sharon was an active manager and recruiter, owning her own staffing company which provided invaluable experience not only on the recruiting side but in marketing, business development,

advertising, and policy and procedure development. As a principal in this company Sharon was also responsible as the Facility Security Officer for both DOE and DOD contracts involving the clearance process and maintenance of both employee and facility clearances. Prior to this, Sharon was the on-site manager for a staffing firm providing engineering support to a commercial nuclear facility in the southeast while also supporting engineering needs at other commercial power plants. Early in her recruiting career, Sharon was involved in staffing outages for nuclear power plants in Florida as well as engineering positions for Government contractor firms in support of NASA programs. .She is widely known and highly respected in the industry by both candidates and customers.




Kristi Pollard – Human Resources Manager, PHR

Kristi was born in Knoxville and is a graduate of The University of Tennessee, Knoxville.  She obtained her Professional in Human Resources Certificate (PHR) in June 2012 and has over 22 years of experience in HR.  Kristi joined ReNuke in April, 2013 and is responsible for all benefit programs and diverse duties involved in Human Resources. Prior to that, she played a vital role in the start-up and success of a small staffing company as Director of Human Resources.  Kristi’s background includes working with federal and commercial contractors providing personnel to various government agencies nationwide.  The focus of her experience involves onboarding new hires in a fast-paced environment to include workers’ compensation, benefits & 401k administration for employees nationwide.


Marcie Acosta – Financial Controller

Marcie was born and raised in East Tennessee to a family of small business owners. Growing up she watched her mother keep the books and run the payroll for their electrical business. At an early age, she developed her interest in Accounting and by age 10 was helping her mother make entries on the balance sheet. She started at the parent company of ReNuke  in 2010, where she received two promotions in just two years. While working full time, Marcie also attended night classes at Tennessee Wesleyan College and in the spring of 2013, graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree with concentrations in Human Resource Management & Accounting. After graduation, Marcie immediately accepted her new position as Staff Accountant at ReNuke.